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Auto Glass Express has locations in Auburn, Rocklin and Yuba City. All of our technicians are certified and have over 20 years of quality experience. And since we offer free mobile service, all of our employees have been background checked, and drug tested by independent agencies to insure that the service technician coming to your home, or work is of the highest caliber.

Even though our prices are very competitive, we install only top quality Original Equipment brands in your vehicle, unless they are not available.

We service all insurance company work, as well as fleets, and cash type customers.

Cash, checks, and all major credit cards are accepted.

Licenses / Credentials :

• NGA Master Auto glass Technician
• AGRSS certified member
• Prostars certified
• Dow Adhesive certified

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We Specialize In:

  • Windshield Replacement and Repair
  • all Auto Glass Replacement i.e. Side and Back Window Replacement
  • Door Motor, and Regulator Replacement
  • Custom Cut Laminated Glass
  • Head Light Restoration

You can Rely on the Sacramento Auto Glass Dealer

We really don’t give much thought to how a windshield saves us from the rain, wind and road dirt everyday and what most people don’t realize is that a vehicle windshield protects its passengers in other ways too. It provides support to the vehicle body and just like airbags and seatbelts plays a major role in safety of your car or truck. If you continue to drive with a cracked windshield you risk having this safety feature fail in an accident. You should have the windshield fixed or replaced by a competent Sacramento auto glass shop as soon as possible.

The safety of you and your family could rely on the condition of your windshield. The Sacramento auto glass repair shop ensures your safety with a team of trained technicians. It is possible that your windshield can be repaired if the damage is slight or confined to a small area, but if the crack or break is extensive, the windshield will need replacing.

To avoid filing a claim on your insurance policy, you should consider paying for the repairs yourself if you can afford it. No matter what you do, talk to an auto glass specialist first. If you do decide to use your insurance, remember that you have a legal right to choose the Sacramento auto glass dealer that you want to work with.

The Sacramento Auto glass Shop Provides Professional Glass Service

If this is the first time you’ve ever had to get your windshield fixed, you may have no idea of what’s involved. The process may seem fairly easy but it's only something that should undertaken by a professional Sacramento auto glass repair shop. You shouldn't let someone talk you into doing the work yourself in an attempt to save money. There is a particular process involved in installing a windshield that could impact the safety system of your car or truck. The Sacramento auto glass shop uses industry standard adhesives and follows required federal safety guidelines.

Be prepared to be without your car or truck for a few hours when you take your vehicle in for repairs. You can ask the Sacramento auto glass dealer how long they expect the job to take. The adhesive is going to need some time to cure. Weather conditions can affect the curing time. Talk with the Sacramento auto glass shop to find out how long the vehicle should set before driving.

The Sacramento auto glass technician will cover the seats and floor to prevent getting adhesive or dirt from getting on them. The wiper arms and blades and the windshield trim will all be removed before the old windshield is taken out. Old adhesive will be removed and replaced with new. The edge of the new windshield will be cleaned and a special primer added before the Sacramento auto glass technician installs the new windshield. After installing the windshield the trim and wipers are put back on and the windshield gets a thorough cleaning and one last inspection.

Sacramento Auto Glass Dealer: Giving You Quality Service

You may hesitate at having the windshield replaced if all you have is a small crack or chip. Instead of completely changing out your windshield for a new one it might be possible to repair it. The use of a unique resin can stop the crack or other damage from getting larger. The last several years has seen significant advances in windshield repair and the results can be virtually undetectable. Repairing your windshield may be covered by your insurance policy. Not all windshields can be repaired but a knowledgeable Sacramento auto glass dealer will be able to examine it and tell you what to do.

Don't run out and buy one of those windshield repair kits, thinking you can fix the problem yourself. Windshield repair is not a do-it-yourself job. These kits are not the same thing used by quality repair shops and the time you waste could put your windshield beyond repair. Once a crack appears on your windshield it can quickly spread across the entire surface. If this happens you have no option but to have the windshield replaced. Don't waste valuable time thinking you can repair the damage yourself. Let the skilled Sacramento auto glass shop do the job for you.

The Sacramento Auto Glass Repair: Shop Works Hard to Gain Your Trust

The Sacramento auto glass shop can do more than just windshields. If you need any type of auto glass they'll have it. Other glass in your vehicle is susceptible to damage as well. The side and rear glass can be broken due to a collision, a thrown object or extreme heat. No matter what type of auto glass you need, you know where to look. The problem can be handled by a professional Sacramento auto glass technician.

Be aware that a broken windshield is unsafe. It might be possible to repair your windshield if the damage is minimal, but you need to get it done as soon as possible before the damage gets worse. There is a point at which the damage will be beyond repair and you'll need a new windshield. Look to people you can rely on at the Sacramento auto glass shop whenever you need help.

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